We are announcing a 3rd tier to the O.MG lineup: the O.MG Elite tier. It introduces some new features with advanced users in mind.

We were planning on releasing it in 2023 after the v3 firmware was finished, but it sucks to buy hardware only to have a new version released a week later.
So instead, you can buy future hardware today!

When using our v2.5(stable) firmware, the new Elite models will perform exactly like the Plus tier model. So, there is no risk of new hardware issues that are typical of new releases. You can install the v3 firmware at any time to unlock the new features while we finish development. Changing between firmware is the same easy 3 step setup process.


You can now purchase them from Hak5's Online Store.


Covert Air Gap Exfil + Air Gap Host Comms
Description: A “low and slow” method of covert comms meant to provide alternate pentesting pathways beyond using the target host’s network interfaces or mass storage (both of which have many detection opportunities already proven out).  

We are working on a covert method of communicating between the target host and the O.MG Cable. This method will allow data exfil back to the O.MG’s flash storage. Additionally, this will allow the O.MG Cable to act as a proxy between the target host and another device talking to the O.MG Device’s wifi interface. This will allow for exfil directly out the O.MG’s wifi, and even a bi-directional comms channel. This is heavily inspired by some of the work Rogan Dawes has done in this space. In fact, Rogan Dawes is actively helping us with the design and testing!

Initial proof of concept has been demonstrated with a 300-500Bps sustained comms tunnel between target host > usb > O.MG > wifi > connected device. A reverse shell on the target host has been demonstrated by using this comms tunnel. Linux hosts are supported by the current reference tooling. Other operating systems coming later. However, any operating system that supports raw HID access can be supported.


Description: Control your O.MG Devices from anywhere. Control a fleet of them if you need!

The latest Web UI on O.MG Devices have proven to be extremely powerful while also being very easy to use. But it requires that you connect your controlling device to the O.MG Device’s webserver. (either over an Access Point created by the O.MG Device, or on an existing wifi network where the O.MG Device is connected to). With C2, the O.MG Device can be configured to connect out to a C2 server. Your controlling device will then communicate directly with the C2 server, allowing you to control your O.MG Device from anywhere.

Status: An initial proof of concept has been created for development. We will continue work on this after finishing our current dev cycle on the covert exfil feature. Once complete, we will have this integrated into Hak5 Cloud C² as well.

Extended Payload Storage

Description: Custom file system partitioning allowing hundreds of payload slots, and variable payload slot sizes. There is about 15x more available internal storage, so we are working on a custom filesystem that allows you to choose how to divide that up between payloads and loot. Even the Plus models will receive this update!

Status: An initial test has been released in our v3 beta firmware that allows aditional payload slots to be provisioned.


When will the Elite features be finished?
We will be finishing the beta feature-set during 2023. When doing low level development of this nature that pushes the limits of the hardware, there can be surprises that add a couple months that you didn’t plan for. So we keep a loose deadline.

Are there other features being added, like support for DuckyScript 3?

If you have followed our previous releases, you know that there are usually lots of bonus features that we don't advertise. I am sure we will fit in some surprises for v3 as well. ;)

What does Early Access mean?

Scroll up to the “early access” section.

What about existing cables?
We will continue to sell and provide updates to the original O.MG Cable and the O.MG Keylogger Cable. They are being renamed to O.MG Basic and O.MG Plus, respectively.

I have one, how do I help test?

Just install the latest beta from the webflasher. Join the #beta-firmware-testing channel on discord to keep updated on firmware status.