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ACTIVE TEAM ___________
Dustrial The visual Artist. Logos!
Kalani The partially blind Hawaiian priest. Builds accessibility tools for self reliance.
KANGA The Musician. Ex philosophy major.
MG The Crime aficionado. Just likes to start fires.
Ø1phor1³ The paranoid German.
Redacted Won’t tell you, but if you ask his friends, you’d swear certain 80s movies were made about him. Used to build police body cameras.
Rogan The middle-aged South African. Sees everything as a proxy.
Wasabi Forever blue-teamer, building tools and tinkering.
Waveguyd The antenna tuner. Used to design electronic locks and surveillance gear.
RETIRED _______
d3d0c3d Makes stuff happen. v1 firmware
Clevernyyyy The Organizer. Used to design buildings and software.
Remy The moonshot project punk. Power delivery taste connoisseur.
Inée Nature-girl good-witch. Studies electrically holographed sigils.
Syg The JavaScript guy. Started v2 while bed-ridden with a back injury.
Flowpoke Loves UI. Ex analytics dev for cows.